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Building Our Vision

Our mission is to blend generations of craftsmanship with innovative solutions to provide high-quality millwork products that enhance the creativity and functionality of every space. As a family-owned business with over forty years of experience, we are dedicated to upholding our legacy of integrity, excellence, and personalized service. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering tailored solutions, fostering lasting relationships, and continuously adapting to meet the evolving needs of the industries we serve. With a steadfast commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and community, we aim to be the premier choice for custom millwork, inspiring confidence and pride in every project we undertake.

Let us be a part of your next project!


Client Success Stories:
Hear What They Have To Say

I’ve not found another company in the casework industry who carries the professionalism of all top-tier organizations, adapts quickly to Owner requested changes, and delivers a high-quality product on time and as promised.


Brentwood, Tennessee 

Our firm has had the opportunity to work with Crawson Corp on  multiple projects in the last several years. Their problem-solving skills and commitment to excellence has made them a preferred contractor on all of our projects. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Bentonville, Arkansas

Our facility was on the receiving end of Crawson Millwork. The quality and consistency of their product has more than met our expectations. We are very happy that the decision was made to have have them on our project.


Plano, Texas


We Build For You

Crawson Corporation has put their family's forty years experience to create cutting-edge architectural millwork and casework that lasts and highlights every project. 


We were born out of a shared passion for architectural millwork. What began as a humble endeavor has unfolded into a valued establishment known for its quality, custom millwork and casework.


Our team of highly skilled craftsman combine traditional woodworking techniques with advanced technology to deliver unparalleled results. From custom cabinetry and architectural millwork to extraordinary furniture pieces, we pride ourselves on delivering workmanship that is built to last.

Meet Our Team

At Crawson Corporation, our success is built on the foundation of our dedicated and talented team. Comprised of craftsmen, skilled engineers, and committed professionals, the Crawson Millwork team is united by a shared vision of excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Get to know the faces behind our craftsmanship:

Eran holds an associate's degree in business administration and has been an integral part of our company for six years. His versatile skill set encompasses engineering, design, and project management, demonstrating his commitment to thriving excellence in various aspects of our operations.

Eran Robertson

Senior Project Executive

With over 40 years of experience in industrial millwork, Gary brings an unparalleled wealth of expertise to our team at Crawson. He serves as a mentor and advisor, sharing his knowledge with our team members and guiding them towards mastery in millwork. His leadership inspires confidence and fosters a culture of excellence within our organization.

Gary Kindy Sr.

Senior Project & Custom Engineer

Jessie has been with Crawson for over six years. He is a dedicated Plant Manager, where he oversees all aspects of production. Jessie is responsible for coordinating production schedules, managing resources, and implementing quality control measures to guarantee an exceptional level of craftmanship.

Jesse Watkins

Plant Manager

Janet plays a key strategic role in shaping the direction of Crawson, leveraging her extensive industry knowledge to drive growth and innovation. Janet's leadership and vision have been instrumental in directing the company through periods of expansion and transformation, positioning it as a leader in the field of millwork.

Janet Kindy

Owner / Vice  President

Caleb is an emerging team member with a focus on project management and entry-level engineering. As an installer and site superintendent, Caleb excels in clear communication with production teams while conducting material and hardware takeoffs, ensuring seamless project executions.

Caleb Peach

Project Manager 

Managing Director

Hudson Kindy

Gary is the visionary founder and driving force behind Crawson. His inspiring leadership has guided the company through countless successes, cementing its position as a trusted partner for clients seeking superior millwork solutions, ensuring that every piece produced reflects the highest standards of workmanship and design.

Gary Kindy Jr.

Founder / President

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